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Greetings, Bonjour, Вітаю, День Добрый !

I'm Senior Research Data Scientist with Computer Science and Applied Math background. For over 25 years I've been working on the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for border control and public safety, 22 years of which within the Government of Canada, including 5 years in bilingual Manager position - focused on addressing real-life problems through innovation and development of data-driven solutions.

I’ve been Adjunct Professor at University of Ottawa (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, member of Text Analysis and Machine Learning group and Video, Image, Vision Analysis Lab), École de technologie supérieure d'Université du Québec (Laboratoire d’imagerie, de vision et d’intelligence artificielle), University of Dalhousie (Computer Science Department) - having supervised over 30 undergraduate and graduate students.

I worked at the National Research Council of Canada, where I was developing Video Recognition Systems, and before that studied Artificial Intelligence: first at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (where I obtained M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics) and then at Glushkov's Institute of Cybernetics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (where I obtained Ph.D. in Mathematics) and the University of Alberta (where I obtained Ph.D. in Computing Science).

I've authored some award-winning scientific papers and inventions, including the Nouse® (Nose as Mouse) Intelligent Vision Interface, which was featured world-wide and acquired as an artefact by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, received some Academic and Government awards, including "Outstanding Scientific Achievement" award from the National Research Council of Canada and the Cultural Diversity Leadership award from University of Alberta," and named the "Leader of Tomorrow" by the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Canada.

Apart of Science, I do gymnastics (once a member of the Ukrainian U-14 Olympic team and the University of Alberta gymnastics team), compose music, translate poetry; a father of four children, two of whom received Governor General's Academic Medal, listed in www.gg.ca (here and here).

Lately, I have become an advocate for open discussion to end the War in Ukraine. Subscribe to my Substack Newsletter to learn more.

I can be reached at [name]@gorodnichy.ca or [name]@ivim.ca.
IVIM is the company that we've founded with my wife in 2007 to support various community projects.
You can check some our contributions to the commumity featured at CBC (here and here).

Enjoy exploring more!

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Printout from “Leaders of Tomorrow” brochure

Printout from “Leaders of Tomorrow” brochure

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